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Stefan Schmidt
[Virtual Artist]
Installation art
Media art

Stefan Schmidt is an electrical engineer with a M.Sc. in signal processing who has also strong interests in virtual art, in particular virtual reality art.

He is currently finishing a M.A. in Combined Artistic Languages at UNA, focusing on the interrelationship of artistic languages and virtual reality.

He participated in many demoscene-related events, being awarded the first prize at the 4k Demo Competition of BCNParty 2004, and the first prize at the Demo 64k Demo Competition of Euskal Encounter 2005 as part of the rgba group. He was also international jury of the electronic art Scene Awards between 2009 and 2012.

Relevant works include Sound Field, the first immersive virtual reality artwork that focuses on sound, and El Espejo de la Existencia, a mixed-reality art installation that embodies visitors in animal avatars.

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Sound Field
[VR Installation]

Sound Field was presented at Sonar+D Buenos Aires 2015, and is the first virtual reality artwork that focuses on sound.

By immersing the visitor in an auditory forest, an acoustic landscape constituted by sounds of nature, Sound Field pretends to conquer the territory of virtual reality audio, raising questions about the relationship of sound, vision and narrative.

El Espejo de
la Existencia

El Espejo de la Existencia (The Mirror of Existence) captures the visitor’s body with a Kinect body sensor, recreating it as a living cell that rapidly evolves into different animals.

By reflecting one's actions in an alternate being, it encourages compassion and the appreciation of nature.

[Video Installation]

Life on Life is a video installation based on Conway's Game of Life, an artificial world that evolves by itself.

In Life on Life the visitor is also part of the evolutionary process: a differential video stream that detects movement activates digital cells, thus raising questions about the relationship of biological and digital worlds.

[Shadow Installation]

Atrayendo Bondad (Attracting Kindness) is an artistic installation that uses the visitor’s shadow to interact with floating words of kindness.

Random words are attracted by the presence of a shadow, but repulsed by violent movements.

Wer bist Du?
[Video self-portrait]

Wer bist Du? (Who are you?) is a video self-portrait based on Stefan Schmidt's life.

Constructed from found-footage freely available on the web, this short film tells a life's journey through the eyes of a train driver.

Ferry Boat São Francisco do Sul
[Experimental video]

This experimental film based on video of a surveillance camera in São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brasil tells a fictitious story of sadness and joy, control and freedom.


Contrastes (Contrasts) is a series of eight photographs taken in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By juxtaposing natural scenery with a urban background, Contrastes interrogates the relation of the natural to the artificial.

[Sound arrangement]

Electronic Aleluya is a short sound experiment that attempts to merge extremes from the history of music: gregorian chant and electronic music.

3D Field
[Technological object]

3D Field is a 3D scanner device with a twist: it was not designed from a technological but artistic point of view. A green laser pulsed at very high speed illuminates objects placed in front of it. An integrated camera captures its three-dimensional shape.

40 cm by 10 cm by 5 cm, plexiglas, fan, camera, electronics, laser.

[Artist's book]

The Virtual-Real artist's book is a portfolio of the upcoming Virtual-Real artistic installation.

20 cm by 20 cm by 2 cm, foamed PVC model, bound book, 10 pages, white cloth lining.

[Photographic object]

Instantes (Instants) is a series of photographs fixed on both sides of a movable canvas. One side represents the instant, the other the relaxed, ordinary state, thus questioning the impossibility of perfect knowledge.

30 cm by 30 cm by 3 cm when folded, black acrylic paint on five wooden panels.

[Artist's book]

Amor-Odio (Love-Hate) is a half-twisted iron ring contained in a military-colored étui. It combines strong hateful language with compassionate wishes, evoking feelings of anger and love.

40 cm by 40 cm by 5 cm, wooden box, half-twisted iron-ring.